Locations where our activities take place.
  1. Address

    2440 Noblestown Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205

    Sub Locations

    1. Lanes 5-6
    2. Lanes 7-8
    3. Lanes 9-10
    4. Lanes 11-12
    5. Lanes 13-14
  2. Address

    248 40th Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201

    Sub Locations

    1. Lower Field
    2. Upper Field

    Arsenal Park, Lawrenceville

    Located right outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Parking in the neighborhood on Sundays is easy and convenient. One important parking note: when arriving to the field please note that there is no parking on 40th Street in the bike land at any time.

    Between 39th and 40th, Butler St and Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  3. Address

    Lake Dr, Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206

    Highland Park Sand Volleyball Courts, Highland Park

    Located inside Highland Park. 

  4. Address

    2114 Centre Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

    Sub Locations

    1. Court 1
    2. Court 2

    Thelma Lovette YMCA

    Court 1

    Court 2

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