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Stonewall Sports - Pittsburgh is an LGBTQ & Ally not-for-profit adult sports league. Our primary goal is to create an increasingly connected and diverse LGBTQ community by providing additional spaces for people to meet and socialize: namely through organized competition and associated social and fundraising events.

Our leagues are for everyone, so even if you haven't played a sport since middle school, or if you've been playing in adult leagues for years, you will enjoy what we've got to offer! 

About Stonewall Sports

Stonewall Sports was founded in DC in 2010. Since they began, they expanded to other sports including Bocce, Darts, and Dodgeball, and beginning in 2013 they began to expand to other cities. Stonewall Sports now exist in a number of U.S. cities, including Raleigh, Philadelphia, Chicago and more.  Find out more at stonewallsports.org      

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